It’s the future aaa

Imagine you could use your brain beyond telling yourself to walk forward or sideways or perhaps pick up that cup of coffee.

Murray, Kerber Look To Rebound After Melbourne Results

It would be interesting to know what Andy Murray and Angelique Kerber were thinking when Roger Federer and Serena Williams raised their respective Australian Open Singles trophies. It was probably something along the lines of ‘that should have been me’ and could put extra pressure on them during the rest of 2017. So why did both world number ones lose so early?

What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali Had in Common

On an afternoon in 1958, near the shopping district at Walnut and Fourth Streets in Louisville, Ky., Thomas Merton was moving about inconspicuously gathering supplies for the Abbey at Gethsemani. The monastery, established in 1848 by the Order of Trappist Cistercians, is in Nelson County, south of Louisville near Bardstown. It is where Merton lived as a Trappist monk beginning in 1941.

Mona Lisa's smile

The latest theory says the world’s most famous painting tells a story of sex and death.

Adele gave the Grammy to Beyoncé

After winning album of the year for "25" on Sunday, the British singer said in her acceptance speech that Beyoncé was the one who truly deserved the honor

Cheating in Sports

Cheating is now expected in sports. Athletes try to win by using steroids and by cheating on drug tests. Rules are no longer guidelines for the game but rather barriers to be overcome. Cheating has become a game within the games.

End of the world

WHILE the likes of NASA are continuously working out how to protect us from catastrophes such as asteroids and our planet running out of resources, there are some things that no one will ever be able to protect us from – the end of the universe. Some predictions say that the universe and everything we know will cease to exist in 22 billion years, but other scientists argue that it has entered its old age and has just 2.8 billion years remaining, meaning that it is in the final eighth of its lifetime. However, one thing that most scientists do agree on is that the universe will eventually die. But another topic of debate coupled with the when is the how, with several theories thrown about regarding the universe’s inevitable end.